UTPA Baja Racing


Welcome the the University of Texas-Pan American Baja Racing web page. This is the online home of the Engineering Departments Baja Racing program. We are a student centered organization who use the skills and knowledge gained here at UTPA to build and design a new vehicle each and every year. We build, test and competitively race a miniature race car internationally based loosely on the famous Baja Offroad racecars. Our singular goal is to  to learn and gain experience in the field of engineering and improve from our previous years accomplishments.


2014 Team Photo

Any general inquiries can be sent to team@utpabajaracing.com. For sponsors, please refer to the page labeled “Sponsors”.


How to be a part of the team

Time and Commitment. In general any student at UTPA can become a part of the team and is welcome to. We try to be the best team possible in helping each other succeed in our goals in designing and building the mini-baja vehicle, but also in the classroom as well.

Q: Do I have to be a Mechanical Engineering major to join?

A: No, the team is open to any student from any major who is willing to put in the work required of a team member.

Q: What time commitments are there?

A: The Team is a very time intensive group, we meet every saturday in the Engineering High Bay at 10:00am. Unless testing will be occurring in which case we meet at the designated location. Usual ending times are around 5-6 pm. As competition time approaches these times may extend greatly in order to have everything ready.

Q: Do I need to be handy or proficient with tools and machines to join?

A: No, all that is required is a willingness to learn and the time to learn it in. We can teach you how to do anything necessary to work on the cars.

Q: Does the club only do mechanic work?

A: The SAE BAJA Competition is based on a real life engineering challenge. We research, design, manufacture, test, and analyze our vehicle.  There are numerous reports and design sheets at the competition and before the competition arrives.

Q: Who do I contact for specifics on joining the Team.

A: Send and Email to utpabajaracing.com@gmail.com